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Water damage can result from local flooding, but it can also happen because of leaks, plumbing failures and even human error. No matter what the cause, quick action is essential to minimize damage to your home and personal property.


With trained technicians ready to respond 24/7 and access to the most advanced equipment, BUTLER CCS has what it takes to handle any water damage problem. We can help homes and businesses recover from a flood or other water emergency. Don’t put inexperienced contractors in a situation where they may not be safe or successful. Call BUTLER CCS for complete, start-to-finish water damage restoration.


-QUICK ACTION- Damage can be minimized by removing water and initiating cleanup operations as soon as possible.

-SAFETY- It’s critical to protect homeowners & workers from electric shock, harmful materials and other safety hazards.

-EQUIPMENT- Unlike general contractors and handymen, BUTLER CCS has specialized tools and equipment designed to handle all aspects of the restoration process.

-EXPERTISE- Some water-damaged materials can be saved and restored, while others are best discarded. With extensive restoration experience, your BUTLER CCS technician can provide a customized restoration strategy based on your needs. BUTLER CCS has access to innovative, effective techniques for rescuing and restoring your valued possessions.

-MOLD REMEDIATION- Mold growth is a serious threat following most water disasters. You don’t need to call in a separate contractor to handle your mold remediation needs. BUTLER CCS is a leading mold remediation contractor.


Keep in mind that water damage is a progressive problem that is best addressed early. The longer you wait, the worse the problem gets. We provide comprehensive solutions to your fire and water damage restoration needs. Our friendly and professional staff is standing by to take your call anytime. We’ll schedule a free inspection of your water-damaged carpet and we’ll give you a free cost estimate. This comes with no obligations and absolutely no cost to you. You can also leave a message at our Contact Us page for online inquiries.


-BACTERIAL GROWTH – Harmful microbes can thrive on moisture locked deep in your carpet’s fibers. This creates the odd odors associated with flooding. If allowed to progress, bacterial growth can cause skin irritations on humans and household pets.

-MOLD GROWTH – While mold may not seem threatening at first, it’s actually one of the most dangerous things you can have in your home. Mold spores can cause all sorts of respiratory issues, including coughing, wheezing, allergic reactions and asthma attacks. In worst case scenarios, molds can produce mycotoxins that can poison people and animals who are constantly exposed to it.

-DUST MITE GROWTH – Dust mites are tiny arachnids that love moisture and seclusion. Humidity in your carpet’s fibers offer exactly that, making it an ideal place for these tiny bugs. Dust mites can cause irritation, trigger allergic reactions and cause respiratory difficulties.

-RAT AND COCKROACH ATTRACTION  – Rats and roaches are nasty house pests that carry harmful pathogens. These pests love moisture and particles that accumulate in dirty carpets. If a flooded carpet isn’t properly treated, it might attract these pests.

-FIRE HAZARD – Some homeowners have the bad habit of allowing electrical wiring to run under carpets and rugs. Over long periods of time the insulation on these wirings can get damaged, exposing live copper wires. If a moist carpet covers an exposed electrical wire, you have a potential fire starter waiting to cause serious trouble.

What to expect from BUTLER CCS: courtesy, professionalism & efficiency in water damage restoration

It’s important to feel good about the people you hire to work on your house. With over a decade of disaster response and restoration experience, BUTLER CCS  is recognized as an industry leader. We’ve earned the trust and gratitude of thousands of customers, and we’d like to earn yours. Call or email today for a free estimate.