Dust Free Tile Removal

Normal tile and thinset removal methods leave walls, ceilings, air ducts, carpets, furniture, and other personal items, COVERED with dangerous silica based dust, which is a known carcinogenic material. Even plastic sheeting can’t keep your home protected from the hundreds of pounds of dust created from this process. The cement dust is so fine, that it easily gets through the smallest gaps and crevices, and into the AC & heating ducts, distributing it throughout the rest of the house. Many people choosing this method typically move out of their house for up to a week. And, no matter how good the cleanup, cement dust will be found for months afterwards on dishes, pictures, and in drawers. This is why many people simply choose not to replace old or damaged tile floors.

Now you can have your old tile floors replaced without the extremely messy and unhealthy dust created by traditional tile removal methods. Butler CCS uses the Dust Commander® system’s HEPA filters capture over 99% of the cement and tile dust before it becomes airborne! This makes for a much healthier environment for you and your family. And because we trap the dust before it even sees the light of day, there is virtually NO CLEANUP required when the process is finished!

By using our Dust Commander® system, we can also remove your tile 3-5 times faster than traditional removal methods, and as an added bonus, it leaves your concrete foundation smoother and flatter that when we began, giving you a much better base for your new flooring installation.

 Don’t live with that ugly or damaged tile a day longer…give us a call!

Ceramic Tile Removal Service Area

Our service area for tile removal service in Texas includes: Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Frisco, Plano, Paris, Greenville, Denison, Mount Pleasant, Bonham and surrounding areas. Our Oklahoma service area includes: Antlers, Broken Bow, Durant, Hugo, Idabel, Rattan and surrounding areas